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UHF RFID ImpinjSpeedway xSpan UHF RFID ImpinjSpeedway xArray Gateway

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UHF RFID Impinj Speedway xSpan

UHF RFID System xSpan

Ideal for inventory management, asset tracking and dock door solutions in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, the xSpan gateway accelerates application implementation and deployment while simplifying RAIN RFID reader installation and management, lowering the total cost of infrastructure ownership.

Vorteile - Benefits xSpan

RFID Reader Gateway RDU-R660 xSpan

RFID Reader Gateway RDU-R660 xSPan

Funktionen des xSpan

Typische Anwendungen xSpan

Bestellinformation RDU-R660-xxx Speedway xSpan

Impinj xSpan IPJ-REV-R660-EU11M1
für Europa (ETSI):
RDU-R660-ETSI (Bestellbar ab sofort, Lieferung ab Dez 2016)
Impinj xSpan IPJ-REV-R660-USA1M1
für USA (FCC):
Impinj IPJ-REV-R660-GX11M1 siehe Supported Regions and Geographies Liste , (Stand 26.Sept. 2016 New Zealand) RDU-R660-GX11
Impinj xSpan IPJ-REV-R660-GX31M1 für Australien: RDU-R660-GX31
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