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UHF RFID Lesegerät qID mini MOB-R1170

Mobiler RFID UHF Reader qIDmini

UHF Mobil Reader CAEN qIDmini

The qIDmini (Model R1170I) is a handheld reader of the easy2read © product family, compliant with UHF RFID ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1G2 standards.
The qIDmini has an integrated antenna suited for short to medium range applications and, thanks to the Bluetooth® communication interface, it is a perfect UHF RFID add-on for any Bluetooth® enabled host such as a PC, a smartphone, a PDA or a tablet. The reader is compatible with Windows XP/7, Windows CE/Mobile, Android, iPhone and iPad.
The HID version supports native keyboard emulation allowing to interact directly with legacy application, office automation SW or any other generic solution requiring manual input. The qIDminiNF version is specifically designed to optimize the reading performances with near field miniaturized tags like the Murata Magicstrap and Hitachi USPT. The near field antenna of the qIDminiNF reader permits to read those small tags even when embedded in small parts like watches, jewels or mechanic parts. For this reason, the combination of the miniaturized near field tags and the qIDminiNF reader is a great tool to retrieve the serial numbers in small objects and check the originality of parts.
The reader can also operate in “Batch Mode”, allowing to store EPC codes into the internal memory when the communication links (USB or Bluetooth®) are not available. When paired to a smartphone or a tablet, the qIDmini is a cost effective alternative to more expensive handheld devices. Designed for mobile operators in indoor or outdoor areas, the qIDmini is ideal for in-store inventory management, field sales mobility, service and maintenance applications.

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