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CAEN HEX R1290 Desktop RAIN Reader

CAEN HEX R1290 Desktop RAIN Reader

The Hex (Model R1290IE, R1290IU), multipurpose reader of the easy2read© product line, is a RAIN RFID reader with integrated circular polarized antenna for short to medium range applications.

Thanks to its versatile form factor, the Hex is well suited for both desktop/counter top applications and for fixed reading point installations. It offers the Ethernet (PoE) and USB communication interface in order to simplify the installation both on large and single installations. The Power over Ethernet capability permits to provide power and to communicate with the reader with a single cable when the PoE infrastructure is available.

In addition to the internal circular polarized antenna, the Hex provides a connector for an external antenna in order to extend the reading area of the reader and a set of GPIO lines that permits to control external devices like lights or alarms or to get triggers via external sensors (buttons, light barriers).

The USB host port, combined with the internal computing architecture, permits to connect USB peripherals like barcode scanners, keyboards, printers and many others transforming the Hex reader in a powerful and versatile identification platform.

The reader has an easy to use display and keypad interface for local configuration; the behaviour of the keypad and display can be customized under customer specifications.

Typical Applications CAEN HEX

Worldwide Use

The Hex is available both for European and US regions allowing installations in various countries worldwide as needed by retailers, forwarders, warehouses and other global organizations.

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