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Impinj Inc. übernimmt Voyantic Ltd.

26. April 2023, Introducing Voyantic - An Impinj Company by Chris Diorio CEO Impinj
Voyantic, the leading provider of test and measurement solutions for RFID inlay and label design and manufacturing is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Impinj.
I’m excited to share that Impinj acquired Voyantic, a Finnish company that leads the market in test and measurement solutions for RFID inlay and label design and manufacturing. Voyantic’s RAIN RFID and NFC test and measurement solutions speed development and ensure the highest inlay and label design and manufacturing quality. With leading end users relying on the Impinj platform to transform their business operations, this acquisition expands Impinj’s solutions footprint to advance the quality, reliability, and readability of the partner inlays and labels used in enterprise deployments.
The Impinj and Voyantic teams have a long history of working together as ecosystem partners and within the RAIN Alliance. I have known and trusted Jukka Voutilainen, Juho Partanen, and Jesse Tuominen, who founded Voyantic in 2004, for the better part of 15 years. They will continue to lead Voyantic as a wholly-owned Impinj subsidiary, with their teams functioning as they do today.
Voyantic has more than 2,000 installed systems in more than 40 countries. Their solutions are used by inlay and label manufacturers, technology vendors, service bureaus and end users. The close link between the Impinj platform and Voyantic’s solutions will allow us to engage more closely with our label and service bureau partners and advance the Impinj platform’s leading position in RAIN quality, reliability, and readability.
Voyantic’s values and company culture are very similar to ours at Impinj, and I’m so happy to welcome all Voyanticians into the Impinj family. I had a chance to celebrate with the Voyantic team in Helsinki and am thrilled to continue engaging with and introducing them to the global Impinj community and partner network. Together, Voyantic and Impinj have an excellent opportunity to strengthen the reliability and performance of RAIN RFID products and build and grow our collective enterprise solutions offerings.
Our priority is for our teams to excel together. Voyantic’s success is our success, and vice versa, and we want to ensure Voyantic remains successful as we drive RAIN adoption and our enterprise solutions. We shared more information about the transaction during Impinj’s first-quarter 2023 results conference call and webcast, which can be replayed at investor.impinj.com. If you haven’t yet met the Voyantic team or learned about the company, I encourage you to visit www.voyantic.com. I’m thrilled about our future together!

26. April 2023, Announcing Voyantic, an Impinj Company, Jukka Voutilainen, CEO Voyantic Ltd.
Impinj has recently acquired ownership of Voyantic. We at Voyantic will continue our operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of Impinj with our current organization and management team. We are excited about the opportunities this creates for both of us. By joining forces, Impinj and Voyantic have even better opportunities to help companies to excel in RFID.
I am sure most readers of this blog are familiar with Impinj. Impinj is a leading RAIN RFID provider and Internet of Things pioneer. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things.
Voyantic, on the other hand, is known as an expert organization that provides test and measurement solutions to the RFID industry and academia. We will continue on this path with our existing products and services. And there will be more. Together with Impinj, we will have more opportunities to grow and strengthen our offering to the RAIN RFID industry.
I have known several people from Impinj for more than 15 years and always enjoyed working with them. I feel we share a similar culture of valuing expertise and achievement. In addition, we largely share the same customer base. It is our common goal that manufacturers all over the world design and manufacture high-quality RFID inlays and labels. I see that as a key for continued RAIN RFID adoption.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this news. We will also be attending several events in the upcoming weeks where you can meet Impinj and Voyantic representatives, including RFID Journal Live in Orlando and Shanghai IOTE in May, and the RAIN in Action event in Seattle in June.
The Voyantic team looks forward to the future as an Impinj company and continuing to help you to excel in RFID! For more information about the future of Impinj and Voyantic, see the Impinj blog for an update from Chris Diorio.

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